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USA | 8 min | 2022 | Colour | DCP | English
When an outrageous bathroom mishap plunges her into a panic, a young actress working as a birthday princess performer must find a way to leave her client Raj's luxury apartment with her reputation intact. The problem - he’s a big time Hollywood producer, and today could be her big break.

Official Selection for the 2022 New York Shorts International Film Festival.
Official Selection for the 2022 Hudson Valley Film Festival.

Directed by: Ajai Vishwanath
Starring: Eva Summer, Gerrard Lobo

Written by: Eva Summer, Ajai Vishwanath
Produced by: Eva Summer, Ajai Vishwanath, Anna Sakellariadis
Executive Producer: Shachi Shah
Cinematography by: Sam Motamedi, Jason Maselle
Edited by:
 Ajai Vishwanath
Music by: Jacob Snider
Sound Editor: Andrew Oedel

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